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Daniel Hawkins

After 20 years in commercial property, I have learnt a thing or two about how commercial tenants and landlords operate, as well as understanding leases and licenses. During this time, I have undertaken many schedules of dilapidation’s and end of tenancy schedules acting on both sides and have adapted a common sense and often taking a pragmatic approach to the instruction.

No individual case is the same, a tenant could be leaving an office premise partitioned out in a favorable manor and whilst the normal approach would be to remove, sometimes the best intentions are to request for this to remain.

In another scenario where a retail shop, who had taken occupation for 20 years, were coming to the end of their lease, I found an approach whereby the tenant exited with nil dilapidation’s and the landlord benefited from a new tenancy with a increased rental income.

These are just two examples where my out of the box thinking puts me ahead of my competitors.

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